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Merlin Windows Fit Selecta Products who are the leading extruders of PVC-U window and door systems, building plastics, and ancillaries, engineered to give better performance.

The unique Advance 70 windows and doors collection from Selecta Systems have been designed to blend seamlessly into the framework of your home combining exceptional performance with beauty and elegance.

Using the most advanced technology, products from the Selecta Systems collection will provide the ultimate in terms of thermal and sound insulation, appearance, durability and security.

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Making the Right Choice

When it comes to adding value to any home PVC-u windows, doors and conservatories are a major investment.

Why PVC-u products?

Timber framed products need constant maintenance to retain their look and to provide good insulation against the effects of the weather. Double glazed windows and doors eliminate the need to repair woodwork which can rot, warp and lose paint during repeated attacks from the elements. PVC-u products will outperform single glazed alternatives and increase thermal efficiency throughout the home helping to reduce energy bills whilst still offering all the aesthetic benefits of timber without any of the worries

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Selecta Advance 70
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Low Maintenance

Painting, staining, sanding and filing are all eliminated. To remove any dirt simply wipe over with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Weather Resistant

No matter what the weather conditions outside, come rain or shine windows and doors will retain their appearance and maintain the inside temperature.

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Energy Saving

The Selecta profiles used to make the frames for your home offer excellence thermal insulation, as the gaskets and weathertight seals shut out draughts while the glazing reflects the heat back into your room. Aspects that greatly reduce energy bills.


Reinforcements and multi-locking hardware used in the Selecta range provide added strength to make your home more secure. The products have been designed to give you enhanced security and peace of mind should any unwelcome intruders decide to try and force entry into your home.


Comfort and safety should never be compromised through security. In the event of an emergency our windows and doors provide easy and reliable exits that meet all safety standards. Additionally, childproof hinges and locks can be fitted to restrict opening aspects and a night vent facility is available to allow air circulation while the windows remain in a semi-closed position.

Easy to Install

A Selecta Systems manufacturer will install your new windows and doors with minimum disruption to you and your home. They will take detailed measurements at your convenience to ensure that your new frames fit perfectly and will ensure that all debris is cleared away once the project is completed.


When it comes to style the discerning homeowner is looking for an individual product that will enhance the look of their property. Appearance and choice are two of the most important aspects to consider.

For these reasons Selecta aim to provide as much  choice as possible to accommodate individual taste and style. All products are available in a sparkling white finish or if you prefer the look of traditional wood, Golden Oak or Rosewood finishes are available.

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The High Performance window & Door PVCu Systems


There are many aspects to consider when choosing new windows for your home and whilst size and shape will depend largely on the opening a wide variety of options are necessary in order for you to achieve the appearance you want that will make it a individual as the interior.

Whether you choose the sleek appearance of the original or a more decorative profile, Selecta Systems collection will give you easy to maintain windows that are stylish, elegant and unique. Reassuringly the wide variety of designs available will complement the architecture of any home and add value.

Glass, Ventilation and Security

When choosing your glass design it is very important to consider the level of privacy you require as well as the architectural look of your home.

Patterned, stained, leaded and Georgian glass options are just some of the choices available with toughened glass and low emissivity glass offering energy saving aspects that will allow you to select a style that is both beautiful and practical.

Top and side openings can be used in a variety of combinations giving you flexibility in terms of style as well as improved ventilation and safety exits.

The shoot bolts and locking system offer further peace of mind with the majority offering the option of locking the window in a slightly open position.

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Colour Style and Handles

Whilst many favour the bright appearance of brilliant white window frames others prefer the more natural appearance of a wood finish product. Therefore to give maximum choice we offer rich and luxurious Rosewood or rustic Golden Oak options.

Can’t make your mind up? you could always have both with white frames on the inside to blend with decor and a wooden finish on the outside to suit the exterior of your home.

All styles and shapes are possible and the bead used in the window design can subtly change the angles in the window from a soft curve to a straight edge. It is possible to add a bay or bow window to create a more spacious feel in a room or modern tilt and turn windows may be a practical alternative. We have many combinations available to suit your individual requirements.

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Large choice of Coloured Foils /Wood Grains

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You can choose from an array of safe and secure handles that will integrate into the overall appearance of the window. A white slimline  handle that blends with the frame maybe your preferred choice or a gleaming elegant brass option could be used to enhance the openings. The choice is varied and yours.


 The entrance to your home serves two main purposes: to act as a welcome to you, your family and friends and to keep unwanted visitors and the elements out.

Whether you require an inward  or outward opening door, left or right hung preference or the choice of a low threshold easy access option for pushchairs and wheelchairs you can rest assured that your door will look elegant whilst offering outstanding performance and security.

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Style Security and the Elements

There are a wide variety of designs and colours to choose from that are finished in a pleasing woodgrain effect. Obscure or clear glass options are available in a diverse range of styles or perhaps you may wish to create a more elaborate design for the main entrance to your home.

Our doors have been developed with a high security multi-locking systems to provide enhanced security, strength and resistance against any unwelcome visitors, giving you complete reassurance and peace of mind.

To complete the appearance of your door a wide range of quality handles, door knockers and letterboxes in a variety of finishes are available for you to select.

Choosing one of the doors from the selecta range will give the added benefits of heat retention and reduced energy bills. Weathertight seals and frames will help to keep the cold and damp on the outside.

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Options, Chic and Light

Patio door systems provide a stylish, practical and convenient link to the outdoors or to your conservatory offering uninterrupted views into the garden. Selecta’s MASTERslide Patio is a modern operating system which offers easy, graceful and smooth flowing operation that gives security and strength when closed.

The Patio doors are available in 2, 3 or 4 pane configurations with safety glass fitted as standard. They improve insulation against draughts and noise though better air circulation performance is achieved via the addition of internal or external vents.

Alternatively, traditional French Doors provide a glamorous energy efficient solution to allow more light into your home. In addition they offer a practical, convenient and easy access to gardens and conservatories.

The Selecta French Doors can be individually decorated with patterned, stained, leaded or frosted glass and with high security hinges that are both safe and secure.

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Tilt & Turn Windows

Offering more ventilation options and reversible windows make cleaning possible from the inside. The technology to curve window frames to suit your home has been perfected and designs such as French casement deliver maximum ventilation when open.

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